Steve Kabel, President, Harmony California Properties, LLC
“Mountain Capital provided much needed financing for Watt Residential Properties and John Laing Homes at a time when expansion was important to each company. I have worked with the principals of Mountain Capital for over 15 years, and can attest that Bob and Ellen are knowledgeable, timely and well organized. I recommend their services for those desiring to engage in real estate investment and financing with a group who are consummate professionals and infuse enthusiasm into their work. The principals of Mountain Capital have a vast array of real estate, financing, and investment skills that make them a valuable asset and/or partner any organization. I highly recommend Mountain Capital.”

Martin Levy, CLU/RHU, Corporate Strategies Inc.
“Bob and Ellen are dynamic smart seasoned investors who continually seek new opportunities for their investors and clients. I believe they KNOW this space better than anyone, being both Colorado residents and seasoned investors for over 25 years. Their track record speaks for themselves as diligent managers, with keen eyes for opportunities, and reliable communications.”

Andy Mihaylo, CPA & President, The Christane Company

 I am writing on behalf Bob and Ellen Alexander, the owners of Mountain Capital Group.  I have known them for six years and I and my clients have also invested with them.    The Christane Company worked with them during the 2206 to 2009 when Mountain Capital was raising funds for homebuilders.  Our company in its recent past worked primarily with homebuilders and land developers assisting them in obtaining Debt, Mezzanine and Equity financing for their residential projects.  The Christane Company has been involved in the origination of nearly $2 Billion of such residential subdivision financing for our clients.

” I have always been impressed with the Alexanders’ comprehensive approach; they are both very knowledgeable and conscientious and put their investors first.  I have found them always to be professional, diligent, hard working, reliable, reasonable and of good character.  I believe that Bob and Ellen along with their Mountain Capital team would be good stewards of your alternative investment capital and deserve your consideration of their investment opportunities; I highly recommend them”.