Apartment Demand still soaring From Globe Street

As an indicator of how much demand exists for the product that’s available now, RentPath’s network of sites registered a 24% year-over-year increase in unique visitors during January, normally a slow month. Additionally, the Atlanta-based digital media company, whose sites include Apartment Guide, Rent.com and Rentals.com set a new one-day record for lead delivery earlier this month, with 148,000 advertiser leads delivered on March 2.

“It’s no secret that the apartment market has been and continues to be hot with continued occupancy growth despite newly constructed apartment homes coming on line at a rapid pace,” says Scott Asher, VP of marketing and operations for RentPath. “But the fact that more consumers are searching for apartment homes during January of 2015 than during the peak leasing months in the past is a really good sign that the demand for apartment housing is on the rise.”

Source: weareapartments.org

  • Apartment Residents: 439,860
  • Spending Power: $3,566,002,450
  • Direct Jobs Supported: 27,963
  • Total Economic Contribution: $7,149,478,312
  • Total Jobs Supported: 72,922
  • Married couple with no children: 9%
  • Married couple with children: 11%
  • Single Individual living alone or with roommates: 66%
  • Single Parent: 14%
  • 1 Person Household: 51%
  • 2 Person Household: 27%
  • 3 Persons or More in Household: 23%
  • 16% of population lives in apartments

Occupied Apartment homes are economic engines, driving dollars and jobs that strengthen local communities.

  • Total Occupied Apartment Homes: 234,900
  • Operation Dollars Spent: $786,389,509
  • Direct On-site Jobs: 4,614
  • Total Economic Contribution: $1,594,676,819
  • Total Jobs Supported: 11,631
  • 5 to 9 apartment homes per building: 18%
  • 10 to 29 apartment homes per building: 30%
  • 20 to 49 apartment homes per building: 26%
  • 50 apartment homes per building or more: 26%
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